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Corporate Law

What Employees Can Do To Protect Themselves Against Bad Employers

It is no secret that employers can take advantage of their employees. It is so common that there are laws in place to protect workers from being taken advantage of. According to the National Employment Lawyers Association, more than 50% of workers have experienced some form of employer misconduct. However, many people do not know

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Corporate Law

Corporate Laws Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Running a business is no easy task. There are many things to think about — from marketing and sales to product development and staffing. But one of the most important aspects of any business is understanding the law and abiding by it. Corporate law is particularly important for entrepreneurs, as it governs the way businesses

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Corporate Law

How Businesses Can Help Employees Injured at Work

Businesses should always protect the health and safety of their employees. The pandemic highlighted the importance of ensuring the safety of the workplace. Aside from the virus, businesses should also protect their employees from work-related injuries to ensure their productivity. But an accident can happen at any time, which means businesses should know what to

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Corporate Law

How Can Employers Help Injured Employees?

In March 2021, job openings for small businesses reached a record high, and around 42 percent of these openings remain unfilled. Even as some businesses have increased the wage offers, many people are still not keen on applying for these jobs. Many of them look beyond wages since they focus on other benefits these businesses

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Corporate Law

Top Six Reasons Workers’ Compensation Claims Get Denied

Insurance companies deny a substantial amount of insurance and social security claims, including workers’ compensation. Sometimes, the reason for denying the workers’ compensation claims is valid, and sometimes it’s not. Insurance companies think that you will take their word and move on. But, as an alert, responsible citizen and a customer, you should be aware of

Injured at Work
Corporate Law

4 Steps to Take if You’ve Been Injured at Work

Research shows that every 7 seconds, a worker is injured on the job. When an injury has left you unable to work, disability insurance can help you pay for medical, education, housing, and other qualified disability expenses. Workplace accidents can happen to anyone at any time, which is why all employees must be familiar with the process of filing

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Corporate Law

Set the Record Straight on Legal Issues Before Allowing Remote Work

With the onset of the pandemic, many companies found it necessary to adopt remote working arrangements for their employees. And those ad hoc changes generally worked out; employers managed to remain productive, and employees kept their jobs while staying safe. Remote work may be here to stay. But before you make such long-term arrangements, it’s

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